Snowboarding Travel Insurance

Wherever you want to go, we’ve got the simple solution to make sure you (and your snow gear) will be covered everywhere from the slopes to the chalet.

What’s included in our Winter Sports cover

Our optional Winter Sports cover can be added on to our Comprehensive Domestic or International Comprehensive or Basic policies. So whether you’re on a budget and seeking essential medical cover, or you’re looking for more comprehensive coverage, we can help.

15 Winter sports covered

From tobogganing, skiing (recreational only), snowboarding, heli-skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling and many more activities.

Unlimited overseas medical treatment

You’ll also be covered for medical evacuation from the slopes, plus there’s no excess for medical claims.


Winter sports medical and evacuation

If You suffer an Injury or Sickness while participating in Winter Sports Activities during Your Journey (International policies only)

Equipment hire

Repair or replacement of your winter sports equipment if lost, stolen or damaged

Pre-paid ski passes & equipment hire

Cover if you can’t use pre-paid ski passes or hire equipment because of sickness or injury

Piste closure 

Cover if lift systems are closed due to too much snow, not enough snow or high winds

Bad weather & avalanche closure

Cover if your return journey is delayed due to bad weather or avalanche


What does PassportCard provide cover for?

Our optional Winter Sports cover can be added on to our Comprehensive Domestic or International Comprehensive or Basic policies. So whether you’re on a budget and seeking essential medical cover, or you’re looking for more comprehensive coverage, we can help.

Medical emergencies

If you need to see a doctor, are transported by ambulance or admitted to hospital

Trip cancellation

In case you need to cancel your trip unexpectedly

Lost or delayed luggage

Cash to cover costs if your bags are lost or does not arrive on time

Travel delays

If you need to pay for accommodation because of a travel delay

Dental Emergencies

If you need immediate treatment while you are travelling

Theft of cash

So you’re not left high and dry if your money is stolen

family skiingPassportCard

How it works: travel insurance for your snow trip using PassportCard

If you’re heading to the slopes domestically or going overseas for winter sports activities and want those activities to be covered by PassportCard, you’ll also need to add on our optional Winter Sports cover in our Comprehensive Domestic or International Comprehensive and Basic policies.


When taking out PassportCard travel insurance, we also give you the option to be sent a PassportCard. If you get sick or injured in a skiing or snowboarding accident, we can load money onto your PassportCard instantly for approved claims to help cover your expenses – so you can get back to enjoying your snow sports.


Our instant claims:

  1. If your cash is stolen, we can put up to $500 on the PassportCard that you can withdraw instantly
  2. Your medical expenses so you’re not out of pocket
  3. $250 for essentials if your bags are delayed

It’s how travel insurance should be – quick, simple and hassle-free.

All benefits and covers are subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions listed in the Combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement, and the schedule.

Find a policy for your trip

Whether you’re on a budget and seeking just medical, or you’re looking for a much more comprehensive coverage, compare PassportCard’s insurance covers to find a cover that suits your holiday and budget.

Comprehensive International Cover

This policy offers broader protection to ensure you are covered for some of the most common claims made by Australian travellers, including lost, damaged or delayed luggage.

Basic International Cover

PassportCard’s Basic Cover offers essential medical cover for Australians travelling overseas. If you’ll be travelling light, without expensive personal items, it could be for you.

Domestic Travel Insurance

While travelling domestically you can still experience cancelled flights, delayed luggage or have your wallet/purse stolen – making travel insurance just as important if you’re holidaying here in Australia as when you are travelling overseas.

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Snowboarding travel insurance FAQs

Not automatically. If you’ll be heading up to the snow, you’ll need to add the Winter Sports Cover option when completing your quote to ensure it is included with your policy.

It’s essential that you add Winter Sports Cover with your travel insurance if you’ll be going snowboarding. While our travel insurance includes cover for a wide range of events, it won’t cover you while snowboarding or participating in a range of other winter sports activities if you don’t add the optional extra cover.

Our cover only extends to amateur skiers. You won’t be covered if you will be competing professionally or if you are participating in a competition or tournament.

Yes. Provided they meet the criteria specified in the PDS for dependants and you list them as travellers when you purchase your policy, they will be covered under your policy. Find out more about our family travel insurance

Simply call our Global Assistance team on +61 1800 490 478. Our Australian-based Global Assistance team is available 24/7 and can quickly handle most common claims on-the-spot over the phone.

Tips when planning a snowboarding trip


Whether you’re heading abroad to sample the slopes overseas or you’re sticking to the local runs we’re so lucky to be able to enjoy right here in Australia, here are some helpful tips to keep you feeling cool, calm and collected on your snowboarding trip.


  • Organise your lodging or accommodation early as it can be expensive (particularly if you’re staying on-mountain) and many ski and snowboard resorts book out well in advance
  • Book your ski passes and lift tickets in advance, as some resorts may offer pre-purchase discounts
  • Lift queues can be very long during peak season, so you may want to consider booking your trip during the shoulder seasons or heading up mid-week when you may not have to battle as many crowds
  • If you’re trying out any snow sports for the first time, consider getting lessons from an instructor to help you learn the basics before trying it on your own
  • Snowboarding requires a lot of gear including a board, boots, helmet, goggles, balaclava, gloves, thermals and outer pants and jacket. If it’s going to be too difficult to take everything with you, consider booking hire clothing, equipment and accessories instead
  • Many ski lodges will have a dress code if you plan to enjoy an ‘après-ski’ drink or meal in the lodge bar or restaurant, so consider packing a couple of different outfit options
  • Research the local area to create a shortlist of other things you might like to explore off-mountain or throughout the region. This can come in handy on days where conditions aren’t suitable for heading out on the slopes
  • If you’re heading overseas, check your passport is valid with at least 6 months of validity left from the date you plan to depart the destination and ensure you meet the visitor entry requirements for the destination/s you will be travelling to
  • Research the region you will be travelling to so you’re aware of any potential safety or health risks
  • Organise your travel insurance with PassportCard before you depart.



Travel Alerts: World events and “Do Not Travel” advice may affect your policy. Please read our Travel Alerts. If you need emergency assistance, contact the 24/7 Global Assistance team on our reverse charge number: +61 1800 490 478