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How PassportCard instant claims work

Luggage delayed? Cash stolen?
Sick or injured overseas?
PassportCard travel insurance can help.

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How it Works

When you take out a policy, we’ll ask if you’d like a PassportCard to take on your trip. This allows you to pay expenses for approved claims so you can get back to enjoying your holiday without being out of pocket. Most claims can be managed in minutes.

So, if your luggage is delayed and you need PJs and a toothbrush, you can use the PassportCard to purchase what you need up to the value of $150. Or, if the matter is more serious and you have a medical issue overseas, medical expenses can be paid using the PassportCard.

If you choose not to take a PassportCard, or have a claim (for example trip cancellation) that is not one of the 3 most common claims which we settle in real-time, it’s easy to submit a claim before or after your travels. You can:

  • Call our Claims Consultants on 1300 123 413, or
  • Complete and return the Claim Form

How the PassportCard works

Here’s how it works: when you purchase your PassportCard travel insurance policy, we’ll ask whether you’d also like a PassportCard. If you want one, we’ll post you a PassportCard that you can take on your trip. While you’re away, if your baggage is delayed, cash is stolen or you have a medical issue overseas, you can call our team any time for a quick solution and funds are instantly transferred to the PassportCard*. We will then send an activation PIN to your mobile phone.

* All benefits and covers are subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions listed in the Combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement and on other policy documentation, including the schedule. Terms and conditions of the PassportCard also apply.

If you purchase a policy for travel to Israel after 09:10 AEDT 24 October 2023 you won’t be covered for claims arising from this event, including losses caused by flight cancellations/delays into Ben Gurion International Airport. Please read our travel alerts for more info. If you need emergency assistance whilst travelling, contact the PassportCard 24/7 Global Assistance team on our reverse charge number: +61 1800 490 478.