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How PassportCard instant claims work

Luggage delayed? Cash stolen?
Sick or injured overseas?
PassportCard travel insurance can help.

When you take the PassportCard with you on your trip, we can instantly pay you for approved common claims, so you’re not out of pocket for expenses.

1. Overseas medical expenses

2. $250 delayed luggage compensation

3. Replace up to $500 stolen cash

Call our 24/7 Global Assistance team on +61 1800 490 478 (Reverse charge) to have funds added to your PassportCard instantly for approved claims.

The 3 instant claims

We are Australia’s only travel insurance company that offers instant payouts using the PassportCard.

Most claims can be managed in minutes.

Overseas medical expenses

If you’re unwell or injured and need medical attention, we will load the PassportCard with the funds to cover your expenses so you can pay using the card and are not out of pocket.


In most cases the claim is settled instantly and you don’t need to provide us with documentation.

$250 delayed luggage

If you have arrived but your bags have not, we can put $250 onto your PassportCard to buy essentials until your bag arrives. 


To claim you simply need to email us your Property Irregularity report from your airline and once approved we’ll instantly load the card.

Lost or stolen cash replacement

If you’ve had cash lost or stolen whilst on your trip, we can replace up to $500 instantly. To claim, you’ll need to go to the local police and report the missing cash and email us the incident report.


Once approved, we’ll load the funds on to your card so you can withdraw the cash from an ATM.


Need to make an instant claim?

Simply call our 24/7 Global Assistance team on +61 1800 490 478 (Reverse charge) and they will assist you in getting your claim approved quickly. In many cases it only takes a few minutes.


Once approved, the funds are instantly transferred to the PassportCard*. We will then send an activation PIN to your mobile phone.


Need to send us documentation? Email it to


If you have a claim that is not 1 of our 3 instant claims, you can find out how to submit your claim on our Claims page.

* All benefits and covers are subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions listed in the Combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement and on other policy documentation, including the schedule. Terms and conditions of the PassportCard also apply.

Travel Alerts: World events and “Do Not Travel” advice may affect your policy. Please read our Travel Alerts. If you need emergency assistance, contact the 24/7 Global Assistance team on our reverse charge number: +61 1800 490 478