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Looking for Ski or Snowboarding Travel Insurance?

Whether you are enjoying snow sports close to home in Australia and New Zealand or further afield in Japan, Europe, Canada or the USA, we bet you’re looking forward to blue skies, fresh powder and clean mountain air. Whether you’re a skier or a snowboarder, it’s hard to beat a day on the slopes. But winter sports holidays can be expensive, and even more so if things go wrong. With PassportCard, you can make the claims listed below immediately, anywhere, anytime and once approved we can instantly load money onto the card to help cover your expenses.

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How it works: travel insurance for your snow trip using PassportCard

If you’re heading to the slopes domestically or going overseas for winter sports activities and want those activities to be covered by PassportCard, you’ll also need to add on our optional Winter Sports cover in our Comprehensive Domestic or International Comprehensive or Basic policies.


When taking out PassportCard travel insurance, we also give you the option to be sent a PassportCard. If you get sick or injured in a skiing or snowboarding accident, we can load money for approved claims on the card in Real-Time to help cover your expenses – so you can get back to enjoying your snow sports. If your cash is stolen, we can put up to $500 on the PassportCard to help you until you work out details with your bank. With our Comprehensive cover we can also settle approved claims for delayed luggage and can add up to $150 to buy emergency essentials. It’s how travel insurance should be – quick, simple and hassle-free.

All benefits and covers are subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions listed in the Combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement, and the schedule.

Our optional Winter Sports Cover

Our optional Winter Sports cover can be added on to our Comprehensive Domestic or International Comprehensive or Basic policies. So whether you’re on a budget and seeking essential medical cover, or you’re looking for more comprehensive coverage, we can help.

15 Winter sports covered

From tobogganing, skiing (recreational only), snowboarding, heli-skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling and many more activities.

Unlimited overseas medical treatment

You’ll also be covered for medical evacuation from the slopes, plus there’s no excess for medical claims.




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Additional covers only available when you add Winter Sports Cover to PassportCard’s Comprehensive International Policy

Up to $4,000 for loss, theft or damage to equipment

Up to $4,000 in total for families or $2,000 in total for single or duo cover for loss, theft or accidental damage to winter sports equipment that you own. Plus, up to $4,000 in total for families or $2,000 in total for single or duo to hire equipment of a similar standard for the rest of your trip

Up to $2,000 cover if there’s not enough snow or too much snow

Up to $2,000 in total for families or $1,000 in total for single or duo if there’s not enough snow, too much snow or high winds that close the chairlifts for more than 12 hours whilst at your holiday resort. We will pay a daily benefit of $100 toward the cost of additional ski passes or transport to the nearest resort.






Up to $2,000 cover for ski/lift passes, tuition fees or equipment hire

Up to $2,000 in total for families or $1,000 in total for single or duo cover for non-refundable pre-paid ski passes, lift passes, tuition fees or equipment hire if you get sick or injured while you’re away




Up to $2,000 cover for bad weather

Up to $2,000 in total for families or $1,000 in total for single or duo if your pre-booked outbound or return journey is delayed for more than 12 hours due to bad weather or avalanche.




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Whether you’re on a budget and seeking just medical, or you’re looking for a much more comprehensive coverage, compare PassportCard’s insurance covers to find a cover that suits your holiday and budget.

Comprehensive International Cover

This policy offers broader protection to ensure you are covered for some of the most common claims made by Australian travellers, including lost, damaged or delayed luggage.
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Basic Cover

PassportCard’s Basic Cover offers essential medical cover for Australians travelling overseas. If you’ll be travelling light, without expensive personal items, it could be for you.
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Domestic Travel Insurance

While travelling domestically you can still experience cancelled flights, delayed luggage or have your wallet/purse stolen – making travel insurance just as important if you’re holidaying here in Australia as when you are travelling overseas.
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If you purchase a policy for travel to Israel after 09:10 AEDT 24 October 2023 you won’t be covered for claims arising from this event, including losses caused by flight cancellations/delays into Ben Gurion International Airport. Please read our travel alerts for more info. If you need emergency assistance whilst travelling, contact the PassportCard 24/7 Global Assistance team on our reverse charge number: +61 1800 490 478.